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Welcome back!

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Hi everyone!!

It`s has been a long time since I made a post, but I have my computer back, and I would like to continue BW blogging!

See you around the bin!

– htcbintophow

Check out my new blog!

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Check out my new Club Penguin blog!

Pros and cons of the library

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The library is a great place… Most of the time…


• It’s free
• it’s quiet
• There’s Internet
• It encourages reading
• You can go for research


• They’re all closing
• They fine you for late books
• They’re not in all towns or cities
• Nothing much more!

How to make: Spaghetti, bacon and tuna meal

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One of my favourite meals is quite unusual…
It doesn’t look to appealing but it really is tasty!

You will need:
A Saucepan
Pack of spaghetti
Tuna (No mayo)
Olive oil
Spoon, Knife, Fork, Bowl

1. Pour hot water into a saucepan so it is halfway full and place spaghetti in saucepan.


Turn up full

2. Prepare onion into small pieces


3. Chop the bacon into small pieces.


4. Fry the onion until sauté, stirring occasionally.

5. Add bacon to onions

6. Drain Tuna

7. Take everything of boil and mix together in bowl with tuna and olive oil.

8. Tuck in!


The finished product!

Courtesy of Esther Cooper

The 5 things I would change about the world…

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It’s fair to say the world will never be perfect but here are the things that really get under my skin…

1. Pollution and climate change

WHY do we have to destroy such a beautiful world, WHY can’t we just enjoy it!
Maybe Wall.E will come true 1 day!

2. Hunting

It’s just terrible how we think we are special enough to wipe out species! Hunting for food is ok, as long as it is quickly over and done with, but seeing animals die for your amusement is SICK!

3. TV on Sunday night

What can you watch on Sunday?
Why are all the good things on on Saturday.

4. Population

GRRR, in 100 years think how polluted and crowded we’ll be! Just because of 1 thing! THE BABY BOOM…

5. Money

Such a terrible invention, it’s what causes all these ‘Economic Crises’ things, it’s what makes poor, poor. Shouldn’t we be able to trust each other not to eat all our food and not cap it with bills?

Pros and cons of the World Wide Web

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The World Wide Web is a pretty big place. But like everything, it has it’s pros and cons!


• You can read my blog on it
• Businesses can make more profit
• You can use it for entertainment (eg: YouTube, BBC iPlayer)
• You can do research on it
• You can talk to people on it
• It’s normally wireless
• You can look for pictures for PowerPoints and stuff


• Lots of bullying goes on
• Some websites never get updated
• It can lag
• You can lose connection
• It costs money
• Some older people find it hard to use
• It’s putting book shops out of business.

So we have found out about what to look out for when surfing the web. I’ll be back tomorrow with the best cure for hiccups!

Sochi 2014 review

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Today we will come to an end of the winter olympics for another 4 years. Well I wasn’t entirely pleased with Sochi, read on to find out.

The opening ceromony-A MASSIVE fail!
Well you may have heard that just minutes into the games, the rings failed to light up, I have no idea why!

I also weren’t very interesting in all the opera and stuff.

The sport that everyone’s talking about – Curling

The one sport that’s been all over the news the last 2 weeks is curling. For some reason, Britain has fell in love with the sport.

Sochi – The most expensive Winter Olympics EVER

This years Olympics cost more then ALL of the Winter Olympics together with a total cost of $51 BILLION!!!!

So yes maybe I just prefer the Summer Olympics, AND live in Britain but I just didn’t enjoy the winter games.

Photos of my Goldfish

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If you saw yesterday’s post, The pros and cons of keeping Goldfish, you’ll know I keep 2 Goldfish, so just for a bit of fun, I thought that today I would show you a photograph of them!

This is bubbles, a fantail goldfish. This goldfish often follows me when I come close to the tank.

And this is Goldie, a veiltail. His large tail flows beautifully when he swims.

Both of them together!

The pros and cons of keeping goldfish…

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Goldfish can be a delight to look after, but it’s important to take care of your goldfish or the results could be fatal.
Here are some things to take into account before buying your goldfish.


● You don’t have to walk them every day
● There is no chance of them getting lost
● They don’t cost much to look after once you have set up a tank
● Their waste wont end up on your brand new white carpet
● They are relaxing to watch
● The 3 second memory myth is not true, in fact it is possible to train them with the R2 fish school pack
● Some breeds can easily live for over ten years
● There are hundreds of types of goldfish to choose from
● They can’t bite
● They are SOOOOOO cute!


● The tank costs a lot, and it’s not just as simple as squashing them into a bowl, after all, would you like to spend your whole life cramped up in a low oxygon cupbourd?
● It can be hard to determine the sex of your goldfish
● They produce a lot of waste and without a filter, you could find yourself cleaning them out every day!
● They aren’t always healthy when you buy them


Goldfish make great pets but like all animals, they need proper care, but if you can deal with the cons, goldfish could make a great pet for you!

Extra – My Goldfish

I currently keep 2 goldfish. I have fantails and veiltails. I have been keeping goldfish since April 2011 and am really starting to enjoy watching my fish grow up. And yes, I named them! My fantail is names bubbles, and my veiltail, Goldie.
I will be updating my tank later this year as their current tank is way to small.